OMS Accounting

Billing, Inventory and Financial accounts management system

Windows based Billing, Inventory Management and Accounting Software. Install on single computer or multiple Terminals. Extremely feature rich, easy to use software. According to IRD (Government of Nepal) this software meets all the criteria for Tax invoice Billing System. IRD also certified our OMS Nepal Version for Tax Invoice Billing parties.According to tax invoice billing, Backup and Restore data from front end. It’s maintaining application user id in back end sql server 2008 R2 also. OMS POS There are not edit and delete Function in the related Forms( Sales Invoice/Point of sales Billing /Sales Return ). Sales Invoice Cancel has been added for Cancel the Bill. All Related module Audit has been posted in database and also audit log report shown in front end application. OMS (Business Accounting Solution), Its maintaining invoice printing 1st time Tax Invoice on 1st copy and invoice in 2nd copy or 3rd copy, if user print any invoice after 1st time then all-time its printing Copy of original (Duplicate copy). It’s also maintained metalize view report that how many time user printed the Invoice bill copy.